The Medical Supplies Division (MSD) of Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine is the main organization responsible for providing all Pharmaceuticals, Surgical items, Laboratory Items, Radioactive Items, Printed materials, etc. for Government sector healthcare institutions throughout the country. In addition MSD is also responsible for supplying dangerous drugs and essential medical items, which are not available to the privet sector in the open market. 

MSD is the central organization where the medical supplies are stored until they are distributed among healthcare institutions. It has a network of stores comprising of with a central Medical Stores in Colombo (MSD) and there are 26 Regional stores at district level (RMSD). In the chain of central medical stores, there are 18 Bulk warehouses at main building, 3 Bulk warehouses at Angoda, 5 bulk warehouses at Wellawatta, one warehouse at Digana and one warehouse at Welisara. 




To be the center of excellence in Sri Lanka in medical supplies management by ensuring continuous availability medical supplies for the healthcare services in government sector health institutions through an effective and efficient medical supplies management "


" To support the Ministry of health to achieve it vision for healthier nation by Providing medical supplies to government health institutions efficiently and effectively and in accordance with government policies to ensure continuous availability of medical supplies while achieving 6 right item, right quality, right quantity, right price, right place & right time "